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Can you list your property?


Please contact us and we will walk you through the process. We make a small charge of £12 per year for inclusion on our site.

Can we advise you on property availability?

Please click the “availability” button on the property you are interested in to view availability. We prefer to direct you direct to the property owner’s website to ensure you get correct and up to date information on availability.

Removal of listing

Due to the nature in which we are supplied listings from some of our listing partners, we can on occasion list a property that is no longer available for rent.

If you would like to let us know that your property is no longer listed, simply complete the contact form to the left, selecting “Remove a listing” under nature of enquiry and select your property from the drop down.

We will then double check with our listing partners, and your listing will be removed within 24 – 72 hours.

Affiliate and bulk listing enquiries

We are always happy to discuss bulk and affiliate listings with you.

In most circumstances we ask that you provide us with a CSV file listing your properties, which includes as a minimum the property name, address, longitude, latitude, description, average price and whether the property is pet friendly.

If you are unable to supply longitude and latitude, we can geocode your locations for you, but we will make a charge of 10p per listing we have to geocode.

We can administer your listings for you or provide you with an account to administer them. We are also happy to look at cross posting blog content or supply guest blogging opportunities.

Please complete the contact form to the right, and we will call or email you back.

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